Learning is fun at Twinkly Tots

Learning should be fun for children because they tend to remember what they learn with pleasure. The interaction of the children with the teachers at Twinkly Tots is such that the children are free to be themselves and express themselves […]

5 ways we support Healthy meals

 Healthy eating for young children is not restricted to giving them healthy meals but also teaching them about what they are eating to be able to make better health choices as they grow. Children are taught through play the different […]

Active learning in Twinkly Tots

Active learning is learning which ensures that the children are involved in the process. Active learning involves the children experimenting, choosing items to play with, and being fully involved in their activity. In order for learning to be active, the […]

Top 10 sites for Online Schooling

Are you still struggling to find learning materials for your little one, here are top 10 sites to check for a variety of learning resources for children between 0-5 years. www.scholastic.com This site has free resources for children with day […]